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Hormozgan province in the south of Iran , with an area about 68,472 sq. kilometers, is located betwen 25º ,24′ to 28º,57′ northing latitude and 35º,41′ to 59º,15′ of easting longitude.
This province is bounded on major part of the north and northeast by kerman province and on the west and northwest by Fars & Boushehr provinces and on the east by Sistan & Balouchestan province and on the south by the azure waters of persian Gulf and Oman sea.
This province is known as one of the hot and dry regions in Iran and has a desert and semi-desert
climate.The coasts of Oman sea and Persian Gulf have insular & desert climate.
This major products of the province,in addition to dates,banans and kinds if citrous fruits,consist of summer crops which cover about 43,000 hectares,say,40% of the total arable lands of the
province;the rest of the products have a secondary importance such as henna,tobacco,alfalfa, mango,cereals,and potato.

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